Non-Stop Transportation In Better Vehicles

24/7 Door to Door Any Address

How is Your Service Different?

  • Any Address - We pick you up at your home, hotel or airport.
  • Better - most rides are non-stop in a nice car.
  • Flexible - we pick you up on your schedule 24/7.
  • Safer - we don't leave you at a bus stop and we have better drivers.
  • Faster - most rides take half the time and it's just you in the vehicle.
  • More Convenient - door to door and no need to arrange or pay for other companies to get home.
  • Affordable - once you add it all up, it's the same price.

Pricing / Fares (PHX)

How much does it cost to go from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

It depends on the addresses you enter and the number of people. You can check rates by clicking "Book Online" or the buttons below that say "Check Rates". There are different options under "Select Service" like "To Airport" or "From Airport" and "One Way" or "Round Trip". You can also choose the option called "Any Address" for non-airport transportation in between any two addresses in Arizona. Rates are total, not per person. You can also enter the promo code "ONLINE" for one way trips to save 10%, or book a round trip to save more both ways. 

How do I get an accurate quote?

  • Step 1 - You can just type in the city to check rates, but we recommend entering the full address to get an accurate quote since we have special rates for certain zip codes and most pricing is mileage based. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Once you fill in the addresses, click "View Rates".
  • Step 2 - We include pricing for Taxi, Airport Shuttle and Black Car Service, so you can compare costs and have more options. Choose the type of service you want with the correct number of passengers. Once a price comes up and you're happy, click "Reserve Now"
  • Step 3 - It's always a good idea to enter your name, cell phone and email to save your quote and automatically get a copy sent to your email. That way we can easily look up your quote by name when you call and finish up your reservation when you're ready. Just click "Continue"
  • Step 4 - The website won't actually book anything until you enter a credit or debit card on the final booking screen. You will automatically receive a confirmation email with all the details after you click "Confirm My Reservation".

How do I save money?

Please enter the full address to get the most accurate rates between Phoenix Airport or vice versa. Book a round trip and you'll get 10% off each way. If it's a one way you can use promo code ONLINE to save 10%. This promo code is only valid on one way trips. If you're booking a round trip you automatically save 10% each way, so you can use discount code NONSTOP instead to get a free upgrade to non-stop.

What are the benefits?

Door to door service is included on all our trips. Usually trips are non-stop in a nicer vehicle. We can pick you up at your home anytime 24/7. We normally take you straight home, which is very different from other companies that leave you at a bus stop and stop and wait at intermediate points for hours. We also don't pack you in with 8-15 people you don't know and stop everywhere.

Does it cost anything to make changes to my reservation?

You can always change the date and time of your reservation at no cost. If you don't know the exact address, you can enter the city for now to reserve it, and give us the full address later. If you don't know your flight number, you can estimate the time and update the flight number and time later via phone, email or text.

Our Daily Schedule

What is your daily schedule?

We pick you up on your schedule 24/7. Our professional drivers are normally 5-10 minutes early at your home, or right on time at the airport. You get to pick the time we pick you up.

What is my pickup time at the airport?

We normally pick you up 30 minutes after your plane lands for domestic flights, or 45 minutes after for international flights.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Pickup times automatically adjust to 30 minutes after you land if your flight is delayed for domestic flights, or 45 minutes after you land for international flights.

What happens if my flight arrives early?

You can always call or send us a text if you want us to pick you up early, and we will let your driver know that you are ready to be picked up. Otherwise, we will pick you up at the scheduled time on your reservation.

How soon should I make a reservation?

Although there is no set rule that prevents you from booking last minute, it's a good idea to make your reservation as soon as possible to make sure a driver is available and prevent any delays.

How long does it take to go from Phoenix Airport?

Trips to and from PHX Airport in normal traffic are about 30 minutes versus an hour on the bus or a shuttle with a bunch of people. Rush hour will normally add 15-45 minutes (30 minutes on the average).

What time should I be picked up?

2 hours before is normally enough time. The airport recommends you to be there 2 hours early to get through security and to your plane. Boarding usually starts 30 minutes before your plane takes off. However, one hour and thirty minutes is normally enough time. So if the drive to and from Phoenix Airport takes about 30 minutes, then 2 hours before your flight takes off if normally good.

Our Better Drivers

Who are your drivers?

Our drivers have been driving professionally with the public for more than 10 years. They have excellent people skills and are usually very knowledgeable about the area (what to do, best restaurants, history and attractions). Some drivers are also professional tour guides that go to the Grand Canyon and many other destinations.

We have high standards for our drivers including safety, reliability and customer service. Drivers are very helpful with bags. They get the door for you. All drivers go through extensive background checks with the airport in order to pick up passengers.

We also train them by driving them through the airport, explaining all the rules, and showing them where to pick people up and drop people off.

Our Better Vehicles

What vehicle will pick me up?

We can send a shuttle or SUV (4+ passengers) or a nice car (1-3 passengers) anytime and take you to or from any address in Arizona, not just the airport. Our vehicles are clean and newer. Most vehicles are luxury and full size. We have Mercedes Sprinters, Chrysler 300's, Lexus ES300 Hybrids, Lincoln MKZ's, Lincoln Navigators, and other vehicles to meet your needs.

Our Great Company

With more than 15,000 customers and a few years in business, Airport Shuttle of Phoenix, and has drivers all over Arizona. Our main location is 5 minutes from PHX airport in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix Airport Shuttle Logo

Airport Shuttle of Phoenix

2406 S 24th St Suite E102

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phone: (480) 757-3010


2018 Travel and Hospitality Award Winner

Testimonials and Reviews

Phoenix Airport Shuttle Customer Reviews

  • Vicki B. - 5 Stars " Polite, punctual and allows my small pet to ride with me." Google 9/27/2018
  • Sean K. - 5 Stars "Couldn't find a better deal during my search. The van comfortably fit my party of 6 and the ride was very enjoyable." Google 9/20/2018
  • Louise V. - 5 Stars "Excellent Service - We live in England and are doing a road trip in Arizona. After an 11 hour flight we really didn't want to drive the first leg to Tucson ourselves so got these guys to pick us up at Sky Harbor. Our flight was late, customs was very slow, and our phone didn't work so couldn't call, text or email. Later found out that they had confirmed our booking, my card hadn't been approved, so they had no way to know we were for real. But we got to the pick-up point, no signs but there he was, and drove us to Tucson. Tom our driver couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. So glad we booked them, would definitely use them again. Google 9/6/2018
  • Goo59ber - 5 Stars "I was new to traveling with the recent perks of an AARP discount for all three parts of the round trip planned. I'd learned from my lil' sis, who is an expert on the details, to hit up AARP, put in my age category (Neolithic), and snag the airlines, hotel/inns, and car rental three-four months ahead. Upgrading a bit on the airlines was VERY important to me since I'd been "burned" with delays and worse both outbound and returning decades earlier. All was well at great prices. Then... I realized there was a critical fourth aspect to "peace of mind" missing. Getting to and from the airport 20+ miles away while leaving my car, timer lights, and alarms set required some research. Family, friends, and fellow "boomer" students all seemed to agree with Airport Shuttle of Phoenix being the answer. For a few dollars more (WELL WORTH IT), service to and from one's home was the miracle cure for that last bit of tension. Living in a mobile park creates nightmares for a shuttle driver playing "Where's Waldo's lot number" so I just waited at the entrance on the street. Michael showed on the nose, had a new Caddie, and was quite thankful I understood the lot number conundrum. Cheerful, VERY aware of using the mirrors, and looking around like a WWI Sopwith Camel ace pilot alleviated any concerns. He knew primary and secondary routes to Sky Harbor. Although I always like to get to a event early Michael breezed us to the terminal in 39 minutes...safely. He gave me the skinny on where to go inside AND where to be outside upon my return. Coming back with a layover/aircraft change had me a bit tired. Got the phone message from Betty, apparently aware our flight was ahead of schedule a bit, as I got into the terminal. She gave me the terminal door number, that she'd be on the bench waiting across the drop-off at the pick-up curb, and to look for the white Lincoln! She, like Michael, was a fellow Sopwith Camel ace turning her head while using the mirrors. She got to Grand Avenue and off we went. Due to a train, I gave an alternate crossing beyond the first turnoff, and she actually got me to my carport since she could sense I was tired. Class act all the way. Sorry for the length... but I'm a creative writer and amateur cultural anthropologist. Miss Betty and I had some connections from way back when so any conversation was akin to family. The luck of having all four AARP trip aspects covered due to Airport Shuttle of Phoenix's courteous and professional drivers takes me back to Chicago when the same Checker cabbies knew most of the families and kids so rides downtown and back where quite comforting. I'm planning another vacation next year. As Arnold said, "I'll be back...and if you don't tip, may the travel Goddesses send your luggage to Buenos Aires!" 8^D" Google 9/20/2018
  • Sara R. - 5 Stars "I used ASP for a very large group coming in to Phoenix and this service was awesome! The prices are reasonable with 6 STAR SERVICE! The group was coming in at different times, and going to different locations and everyone was delivered safely and quickly! I will DEFINITELY be using this service again for all my group travelers coming into Phoenix. Thanks Chuck! Sara R" Google 9/14/2018
  • Douglas S. - Local Guide - 5 Stars "Impressive service and driving times. Best shuttle I've taken so far." Google 9/1/2018
  • Andrea B. - 5 Stars "The shuttle was very easy to book. The driver was fantastic! My 18 year old son lost his phone so arranging things could have been a nightmare. The driver called me, asked for a description of my son, and found him for me! I was so relieved! He also called after dropping my son off at the airport to let me know that he had arrived safely. The driver definitely went above and beyond what I would have expected! I will definitely use this service again if I am in the area!" Google 8/27/2018 and TripAdvisor 7/31/2018

Phoenix Airport Shuttle to Sky Harbor (PHX)

Airport Shuttle Phoenix, Black Car, Discounted Cab and Phoenix Taxi; Service to PHX Sky Harbor International Airport PHX and Mesa.

  • We go anywhere in Arizona, and we have affiliates that can provide ground transportation to other states. You can find a list of cities we service here.
  • We are a Door to Door Service that operates 24/7 to and from your Home, Hotel or the Airport. Pets are okay.
  • If you prefer to pay cash, we will put a $10 hold on your credit or debit card. Just write something under notes to let us know you want to pay cash. Cash is okay only for local pickups, not if we have to drive an hour or two just to pick you up. However, we can refund your card if you paid cash to the driver.
  • It's also a good idea to tell us if you have a lot of bags or large bags, so the driver can select the correct vehicle for your trip. Usually we send a nice car if it's just 1-3 people. Shuttles are typically for 4+ passengers.
  • We do not have a lift, so if you are in wheelchair it's important that you can get in and out of the vehicle with a little help from the driver. Wheel chairs that don't fold fit in the back of the airport shuttle. Most fold-able walkers and wheel chairs will fit in a car.

To see the list of cities we go, please scroll down to the bottom. We literally go anywhere in Arizona. We also have a party bus and private car services. Black Car and SUV Service is usually for celebrity transportation, executives and other VIPs (doctors, lawyers, real estate moguls, public speakers, politicians, etc.). PHX Taxi service is flexible and on demand to and from any address.

If you want to know what is a shuttle service cost or see current rates, click on the blue button that says "Check Rates". We also do all kinds of transportation, not just the airport. If you're not going to the airport, please click on the box next to "Select service" when you check rates, and change the service type to "Any Address". It also saves you 10% each way if you book a "Round Trip". All reservations are considered quotes unless you confirm your reservation at the end with a credit card.

  1. Phoenix to Tucson
  2. Tucson to PHX
  3. Phoenix to Sedona
  4. Sedona to PHX
  5. Phoenix to Prescott
  6. Prescott to PHX
  7. Phoenix to Flagstaff
  8. Flagstaff to PHX
  9. Phoenix to Cottonwood
  10. Cottonwood to PHX

Reliable, Friendly and Honest

We're used to getting up super early 2-6 am to pick people up everyday. You won't have to confirm again or check on your driver. We have high standards for our drivers in both reliability and customer service. You won't have to worry about being left behind or farmed out to third parties like many other shuttle services. We also don't squish you in a van with 8-15 other people with stop after stop to and from the airport taking hours longer than necessary. We usually pick you up in a nice car and take you straight to the airport. If you want to make sure you have a non-stop or a non-shared ride, please select one of the options when you make your reservation. Black cars already include non-stop and no sharing. All standard airport shuttle rides are still considered a shared ride even through they are generally non-stop. Having other people in the vehicle happens about 10% of the time.

Other Popular Destinations

Any Two Addresses, Not Just PHX Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ. We also provide Phoenix Shuttle Service, Local Transportation, Discount Taxi and Black Car Services. You can see the list of cities we go to towards the bottom of this page. Our ground transportation service provides transportation everywhere, not just the local area.

  1. Phoenix to Grand Canyon
  2. Grand Canyon to PHX
  3. Phoenix to Casa Grande
  4. Casa Grande to PHX
  5. Phoenix to Nogales
  6. Nogales to PHX
  7. Phoenix to Yuma
  8. Yuma to PHX
  9. Phoenix to Williams
  10. Williams to PHX
  11. Phoenix to Camp Verde
  12. Camp Verde to PHX

Helpful Maps for Pickup Locations

Hi, your airport shuttle picks up where it says Prearranged. If you are in a wheelchair, do not allow your attendant to leave you anywhere except Prearranged. The signs are easy to see and they are always at the outer curb. Sometimes airport security will send people to the wrong place, so it's better to follow the directions below. The airport also won't allow drivers to walk more than 15 feet away from their vehicle or wait, so good communication is essential. Turn on your cell phone and take it off airplane mode, so your driver can call or text you. If you don't recognize the number, it's probably your driver.

Prearranged and Shuttle Terminal 2


Terminal 2 Prearranged is across the crosswalk on the left from Door 8 near the rental car shuttles and to the right.

Click here for a map - Terminal 2.


Terminal 3 Prearranged is across the crosswalk from Door 6 and to the right, south side of the building.

Click here for a map - Terminal 3.


Terminal 4 Prearranged is across the crosswalk from Door 1, north side of the building, first floor.

Click here for a Phoenix map of Terminal 4.

The sign says "Prearranged Vehicles 3 NORTH".


We Pick You Up At Prearranged

Look for a Big White Mercedes Sprinter Van (4+ People), a Chrysler 300c (1-3 People), a White Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (1-3 people), a Dark Gray Lexus ES300 Hybrid (1-3 People), a Black Lincoln Navigator (3-6 people) or a Light Blue Pontiac G6 (1-3 people) where it says Prearranged at PHX Sky Harbor International Airport. Prearranged is across the crosswalk from door 1 at terminal 4 on the north side. It's also across the crosswalk from door 6 at terminal 3 on the south side and across the crosswalk from door 8 towards the rental car shuttles at terminal 2. Here are few examples of our vehicles. All our vehicles are very clean inside and out. Drivers normally offer bottled water, a cord to charge your phone, and they get the door for you and help you with bags. They are also usually 5-10 minutes early depending on traffic, and understand that it's very important for them to drive safe, especially when you are in the vehicle. They're not in a big hurry unless you are.


Picking the Best Time

We try not to overbook vehicles to make your ride as fast as possible. If you're the only passenger booked, then you'll go straight to the airport. If you're being picked up at the airport, the driver will pull up right after you get your bags since airport security will not allow the driver to wait anywhere. Normally he or she will call you, or send a text to see if you have your bags. Please respond to your driver even if you are not ready to go to prevent confusion and make your experience better. If you're being picked up from any address other than the airport your driver will normally be 5-10 minutes early, and wait outside for you. You can come out whenever you are ready to go. Sometimes the driver will want to pick you up a bit early if there is bad traffic, so it's better to be ready to go early. Generally people need to be picked up 2-2.5 hours before their flight if they are in the valley or 4-5 hours before their flight for long trips like Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott, Cottonwood, etc and specific services i.e. Phoenix to Sedona shuttle. It's always a good idea to give yourself extra time during rush hour in the morning, lunchtime and after work, and also just in case their in an accident on the freeway or snowy, icy weather. Please call for large groups, directions from baggage claim areas and ground transportation.


More Testimonials and Reviews

  • MRKPines - 5 Stars "I originally selected Airport Shuttle of Phoenix because it was the most reasonably priced car service to get from Phoenix to Tucson and back. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when the cars were nice and clean and my drivers for both legs of the trip were safe and kind. To top it off, my hotel lost one of my belongings that I actually needed and Thomas, who drove me to the airport on the way out of town, was happy to stop at multiple stores until I found what I needed. Definitely 5 stars — couldn’t have asked for better service." TripAdvisor 7/3/2018
  • Don B. - Local Guide - 5 Stars "They came through when another shuttle company canceled and tried to reschedule at a later hour. The drive was stress-free and the Van was very clean and spacious. Very happy with this company." Google 7/27/2018
  • Tyler M. - 5 Stars "One of the best experiences I've had. Thank you." Google 6/21/2018
  • David S. - 5 Stars "Much better than Arizona Shuttle and Super Shuttle. Nice people over the phone and great drivers. Always fast and friendly, and they actually answer their phone." Google 6/20/2018
  • Stephanie M. - 5 Stars "I travel all the time. This is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way. They are non-stop and really nice people. Price is very reasonable for what you get. Google 6/7/2018
  • Vonda S. - 5 Stars "Very happy with the service. Was easy to book priced reasonably and got us to airport with plenty of time to spare." - Yelp 4/2/2018
  • Heather C. - 5 Stars “This was quick and easy to book - This was quick and easy to book. Driver was on time and we were notified promptly of his arrival. Terrific all around and we are happy to recommend." sitejabber 3/31/2018
  • Heather D. - 5 Stars "Easy to book. Easy to use. Car was clean. Driver was great. We received message when he arrived. Was a great service and we plan to use for our return trip." - Yelp 3/27/2018
  • Dan P. - “Excellent drivers!” 5 Stars Excellent drivers! Great conversation, safe and helpful with bags. Vehicle was clean inside and out. I especially liked that it was a non-stop and I didn't share the car with other passengers. He picked me up in a Lexus instead of a big van with a bunch of other people. Bottled water was offered and he got the door." sitejabber 2/14/2018
  • Steve M. - 5 Stars "Great customer service! I'm very happy with this company. Used them many times and they're always on time and pick me up in a nice vehicle. Much better than SuperShuttle!" Yelp 10/25/2017
  • Pamela A. - 5 Stars "Very pleased with the customer service" - Groupon
  • Robert K. - 5 Stars "Picked me up at the airport in a really nice Mercedes Shuttle with leather interior. Super clean and took me straight home. Driver was really nice and helpful. He actually prevented my mom from falling, when most people wouldn't even be paying attention. I've used SuperShuttle in the past, but they normally stop five times when they pick me up. The driver's always complain about their jobs, and they're vehicles are really dirty and smelly. Plus it's near impossible to reach a human being if there's a problem with your reservation or you want a refund." - Google 7/5/2017
  • Maggie N. - 5 Stars "Really impressed with the experience. Driver was professional and safe. Offered to help us with our bags. Vehicle was really nice and clean." - Google
  • Lisa C. - 4 Stars "On time and comfortable - Went from Phoenix airport to Sedona hotel in Oak Creek. The van was comfortable and on time .Very easy to catch. Need reservations. The driver was accommodating. Reasonable cost." TripAdvisor 6/23/2018
  • Lollygal - 4 Stars "Airport pick up - We needed a ride and we were able to book the airport shuttle of Phoenix. It was clean comfortable and on time." TripAdvisor 5/4/2018
  • Canadian Badger - 4 Stars "Car Rental Shuttle - Keep in mind all car rentals at Phoenix Airport require you to take a shuttle bus to the Car Rental building which is a good 10 minute ride. Impossible to walk there. There are many Airport Shuttles leaving all the time so this is extremely easy. If your bag is heavy you just leave it at the bus door and the driver will bring it onto the bus for you. Once at the Car Rental you just proceed inside along with 1000 other people" TripAdvisor 3/12/2018
  • A - 4 Stars "Does the Job - I booked a ride from Gilbert to Sedona, and was able to get to my hotel safely. Overall, this was a wonderful experience." - TripAdvisor 2/26/2018

Fast, Safe and Reliable PHX Transportation

Other Companies Take Twice As Long

How to Save Money

Please click the button below to determine the cost of your trip. You save 10% each way by booking a round trip and entering the full address, and it's easier to book both at the same time. Just entering the city name won't give you access to promotional and flat rates, so make sure you enter the full pickup and drop off address. Don't forget to add your promo code for special fares, coupons and discounts.

Promo Codes: New Customers can use promo code ONLINE to save 10% on one way trips. Senior Citizens and Super Seniors get 10% off for using discount code SENIOR. NAU students, ASU, UoA and GCU get 10% off for using promo code STUDENT. Military and Veterans get 10% off for using MILITARY or VETERAN. Thank you for your service to our country. AAA and AARP Members get 10% off for using AAA and AARP. Discount codes do not apply to flat rates or round trips because they are already majorly discounted; however, you can get a free upgrade to Non-Stop on your first ride if you use promo code NONSTOP. You automatically get 10% off each way for booking a round trip, just can't combine more than one discount at one time.

Why We Are The Best Transportation Service in Arizona

Faster and More Convenient

inside of terminal


"We pick you up and take you straight to the airport when you ask us to pick you up."


Most of our airport rides are non-stop for the same price. In other words, other shuttle services usually stop many times to pick people up, and take several hours longer to get you to PHX Sky Harbor Airport. If it's early in the morning, they many have to pick you up at 3 am instead of 5 am for the same flight. Lots of people, definitely not very Super or a First Class ride.


Airport Pickup Locations

airplane flying in the sky with clouds

"Look for a Big White Mercedes Passenger Van or a Dark Gray Lexus ES300 Hybrid where it says Prearranged."


Terminal 2 Prearranged
is across the crosswalk from Door 8 near the rental car shuttles and to the right.

Terminal 3 Prearranged
is across the crosswalk from Door 6 and to the right, south side of the terminal.

Terminal 4 Prearranged

is across the crosswalk from Door 1 and to the right, north side of the terminal, first floor.

Less Expensive Per Mile

white screen in airport


"We usually charge less than Uber and Lyft per mile, and the same or less than Super shuttle."

We will always price match any medium competitor with two passengers like Arizona; just show us proof, and you'll get a non-stop First Class airport ride to PHX Sky Harbor International Airport for the same amount. We also have a much larger service area than Super shuttle that includes all of Arizona. They only provide airport transportation to cities that are in the valley.


Changing Your Reservation

airport shopping

"It's easy to make a change. Just call or send a text, and we will be happy to work with you."

Changing days or times is free as long as the type of service remains the same. For example, One Way, Round trip and Private Charter are types of service. If there is a schedule conflict making this impossible, please refer to our cancellation policy. Our goal is to provide the best possible Arizona shuttle service and keep you coming back for many years.

Call (866) 615-2223 or Send Us a Text

Reviews and Testimonials

shuttle bus or van

Clean vehicle, no strange smells, driver was awesome!” – Google Review

"Thank you for the excellent service." Google

“Really impressed with the experience.” – Google

"Excellent service! Ride to Phoenix Airport in a clean Mercedes with no strange smells or weird drivers." – Google

"Much better than Arizona Shuttle" – Google Review



Cancellation Policy

waiting for flight

"There is no penalty for cancelling at least 24 hours before your reservation except for the $20 booking fee."

This gives us time to fill your spot. If it's less than 24 hours, the full amount is due not to exceed $35 unless it's a no show. It's always better to change your reservation than to cancel since there is no charge for making a change, and we want you to be happy with our company. If you do have to cancel less than 24 hours before your trip, just remind us next time and we'll give you 20% off your next trip. You can view the full cancellation policy here if you want more details.

Feel Free to Contact Us With Questions

Airport Shuttle Phoenix

Make an Online Reservation or Call Us!

Airport Shuttle of Phoenix loves getting our customers home and to PHX Sky Harbor International Airport safe, happy and on time, so feel free to call us during normal business hours, or book online 24/7.


Mailing Address

2406 S 24th St Phoenix, Arizona 85034, USA


Physical Address

2406 S 24th St Phoenix, Arizona 85034, USA


Operating Hours

We Can Pick You Up Anytime 24/7 from Home or PHX Sky Harbor International Airport, and take you anywhere you need to go in Arizona! You can also reach us after hours if you need assistance.


Reservations - Telephone

Monday - Sunday 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Call (866) 736-5807