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Any Address in Arizona to Las Vegas

To Airport (Round Trip) To Airport (One Way)
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Daily Schedule 

We can send a Mercedes Party Bus anytime and take you to or from any address in Arizona, not just the airport. Please enter the full address or at least the zip code to get flat rates to or from Phoenix and Las Vegas. 

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Very Reliable and Honest

Our drivers are normally 5-10 minutes early. We have high standards for our drivers including reliability and customer service. We offer an Mercedes Party Bus from Phoenix to Las Vegas and from Las Vegas to Phoenix, AZ.

From Las Vegas to Phoenix, AZ

From Airport (Round Trip) From Airport (One Way)
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Pricing / Fares (Hourly)

We are same price as AZ Shuttle as long as there are two or more people going. Usually trips are non-stop and in a nicer vehicle. Rates are $70-200 per hour depending on the number of people and shuttles required plus gratuity. If you are just one passenger and on a budget, please call us to see if we can arrange a shared ride with other passengers for a lower rate. This means you will have to be flexible about the day and time you get picked up. 

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Shuttle To and From Any Address

One Way (Any Address)

We customize our service to your needs by offering different options like shuttles, black car services, and taxi. We offer many different types of vehicles and different options to make your experience great. 

Hourly Charter (Tours, Sightseeing, Events)

Private Charter (Hourly)