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Mayer to Phoenix Airport

To Airport (Round Trip) To Airport (One Way)
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Daily Schedule 

We can send a shuttle or a nice car anytime for the same price and take you to or from any address in Arizona, not just the airport. If you're on a tight schedule, the shared ride option is probably not a good idea. Extra stops and scheduling with other passengers can either make you too early or potentially late. Please enter the full address to get flat rates between Phoenix, Mayer, Prescott and Prescott Valley.  

shuttle from prescott to phx


Very Reliable and Honest

Our drivers are normally 5-10 minutes early. We have high standards for our drivers including reliability and customer service. We offer an airport shuttle from Phoenix to Mayer and a shuttle from Mayer to Phoenix.

From Phoenix to Mayer, AZ

From Airport (Round Trip) From Airport (One Way)
airport shuttle to prescott valley, az


Pricing / Fares (Mayer)

Usually trips are non-stop and in a nicer vehicle like a Mercedes, Lexus or Cadillac. Our service is door to door, so we don't drop you off at a bus stop. This means you don't have to arrange or pay for other transportation to get to your home or hotel. We also don't squish you in a van with 8-15 other people that you don't know stop multiple times to pick people up and drop people off saving you an hour or two of travel time to and from Mayer. 

Lexus ES300h              Chrystler 300c              Mercedes Sprinter

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To and From Any Address

One Way (Any Address)

We customize our service to your needs by offering different options like shuttles, black car services, and taxi. We offer many different types of vehicles and different options to make your experience great. 

Hourly Charter (Tours, Sightseeing, Events)

Private Charter (Hourly)