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Flagstaff to Phoenix Airport

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Daily Schedule 

We can send a shuttle or a nice car anytime for the same price and take you to or from any address in Arizona, not just the airport. If you're on a tight schedule, the shared ride option is probably not a good idea. Extra stops and scheduling with other passengers can either make you too early or potentially late. Please enter the full address to get flat rates between Phoenix and Flagstaff. We normally go to Flagstaff several times everyday; what makes us different is we are 24/7 and you set the pick up time.

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Very Reliable and Honest

Our professional drivers are normally 5-10 minutes early. We have high standards for our drivers including reliability and customer service. We offer an airport shuttle from Phoenix to Flagstaff and a shuttle from Flagstaff to Phoenix.  

From Phoenix to Flagstaff, AZ

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Pricing / Fares (Flagstaff)

Usually trips are non-stop and in a nicer vehicle. Click the appropriate button to specificify if it's going to or from the airport, and enter an address to get the most accurate rates. Round trips save you an additional 10% each way. Gratuity is always optional and can be increased or removed at any time based on your experience.

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