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2. Why Travel to Sedona? It's Should Be on Your Bucket List

August 04,2018


When most people think of a bucket list, they think of places like the Grand Canyon, Great Pyramids, Machu Picchu or Australia. Maybe Tokyo if you like sushi. Did you know that Sedona is not far from the Grand Canyon? In fact we can drive you there. Many people miss Sedona on their trip to the Grand Canyon. Once you see the pictures, you'll want to include it in your travel plans. Our advice is stay in Sedona and then go to Williams, take the train into the Grand Canyon. We can pick you up once you're done seeing everything and then either drive you back to Sedona AZ or...

1. Why Travel to Sedona? It's Amazingly Beautiful.

August 04,2018


Reason #1 to travel to Sedona AZ is that there is so much to see you could easily spend days hear looking at everything and still not see all of the great places Sedona has to offer. Sedona was a very spiritual place for the native Americans. Now it's a popular tourist destination. It's not as well known as the Grand Canyon, but most people would say it's more beautiful. Sedona is frequented by celebrities, actors and actresses, models and many people in the entertainment industry, because you just won't find photos like this anywhere else. Movies are shot here. It's also...

Transportation from Phoenix to Sedona

June 09,2018

We offer shuttle service anytime 24/7. We can pick you up at the airport or any address in Arizona. Drive time from Phoenix to Sedona is about 2 hours, and we are normally non-stop. Pricing is competitive and similar to Uber or Lyft. More than a bus, but there is a big difference in what you get.

Buses don't offer door to door service, so it can cost more to get to and from the bus stop. Plus it's a big hassle to pay for and use multiple companies to get to where you want to go. It also takes a lot longer and waiting at a Denny's or a gas station isn't exactly a great experience. This is why...

How Far is Flagstaff From Phoenix

June 09,2018

How far is Flagstaff from Phoenix? 144.5 miles if you're going from downtown Phoenix, AZ to downtown Flagstaff, AZ. However, the actually number of miles can vary significantly depending on where you are in Phoenix or Flagstaff. Phoenix has about a 32 mile radius including surround cities and Flagstaff has about a 5 mile radius. So the correct answer is actually 144.5 miles plus or minus 37 miles. This is why it can be very important to enter the actual pickup and drop off addresses.

Phoenix to Flagstaff Shuttle

May 04,2018

Best Round Trip shuttle from Phoenix to Flagstaff and Back!

If you’re in a situation where you need to travel to Flagstaff from Phoenix, and then back to Flagstaff, you may be stuck thinking what to do after your previous experiences. We know that it can be tough to secure a round trip that doesn't take twice as long. A lot of shuttle services and buses stop and wait multiple times. It is really hard to find a shuttle that can help you come back and forth between the two cities without taking twice as long. Even if you do find one, then we’re pretty sure that it wouldn’t be a viable option as...

Flagstaff to Phoenix Shuttle

May 04,2018

PHX to Sedona Shuttle

May 04,2018

People are looking for quality while traveling from one place to another, because they feel it's better to enjoy every moment of life. PHX to Sedona Shuttle is non-stop in a nicer vehicle. We offer door to door service to any address. Keeping in mind the demand of all our 15,000 customers, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We are ranked among the best Arizona Shuttle Service providers, because we are always there to facilitate customers with our high quality services. It's been a few years and we are here on a stage where people love to use our services in Arizona. Compared to...

Phoenix to Sedona Shuttle Service

May 04,2018

If you live in the City of Phoenix then we’re sure that from time to time you need to travel to Sedona. Also, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a place where people, after a long and arduous flight, want to go to home in Sedona, AZ. Sedona is one of the many places in Arizona where our shuttle services are functional, and customers are extremely satisfied with our services. Our shuttle is fast and responsive, and can easily cater to your needs. We know how tough it is to find great transportation from Phoenix to Sedona, and this is why we operate in Sedona. We are the best shuttle...

Sedona to Phoenix – Sedona Airport Shuttle

May 04,2018

If you’re located in Sedona or perhaps you’re visiting the amazing city then Sedona Airport Shuttle is the way to get to Phoenix in the most comfortable and relaxing way. If you have been to Sedona then we’re pretty sure that you might have noticed that not a lot of good quality transportation is available. Don’t fret as we are not only operational in this town, but also the entire State of Arizona. Our transportation services are top notch as we always deliver the best transportation services to our customers. Here is why you should be using our Sedona Airport Shuttle.

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Phoenix Airport Shuttle from PHX Sky Harbor in Arizona

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