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3. Why Travel to Sedona? There's No Other Place Like It.

August 04,2018


Sedona AZ is high in the mountains, but not too high. It's definitely cooler than Phoenix and a lot more beautiful. I've been traveling all over the world and Sedona is definitely high up the list on nice places to visit. Plus it's in the US, so you don't have to spend a lot of money to see it. Unlike the Grand Canyon, there is no entrance fee. The places here are natural...

2. Why Travel to Sedona? It's Should Be on Your Bucket List

August 04,2018


When most people think of a bucket list, they think of places like the Grand Canyon, Great Pyramids, Machu Picchu or Australia. Maybe Tokyo if you like sushi. Did you know that Sedona is not far from the Grand Canyon? In fact we can drive you there. Many people miss Sedona on their trip to the Grand Canyon. Once you see the pictures, you'll want to include it in your...

1. Why Travel to Sedona? It's Amazingly Beautiful.

August 04,2018


Reason #1 to travel to Sedona AZ is that there is so much to see you could easily spend days hear looking at everything and still not see all of the great places Sedona has to offer. Sedona was a very spiritual place for the native Americans. Now it's a popular tourist destination. It's not as well known as the Grand Canyon, but most people would say it's more beautiful....

Distance from Phoenix to Sedona

July 23,2018

Sedona, a small and popular town in Arizona has some of the most beautiful scenic views in the State. One of the most intriguing sights are the red towering rocks and mountain ranges. If you are planning a trip, you are in for a treat. Before you set sail, you should know that the distance from Phoenix to Sedona is approximately 116 miles north of Phoenix. Which is a really not that far,...

Phoenix AZ to Prescott AZ

July 20,2018

Phoenix AZ to Prescott AZ is about 99.5 miles or an hour and a half drive time. The distance from PHX to downtown Prescott is 103.1 miles with about the same drive time. The drive can be about 15-30 minutes longer if it's during rush hour, which is in the morning from 6-9 am, lunchtime from 11 am to 12 pm and when people get off work from 4-7 pm. It saves a lot of time if you have two people...

Distance from Phoenix, AZ to Lake Havasu City, AZ

July 06,2018

DISTANCE192.8 miles (310.28 km)

TIME3 hours 13 mins

GAS COST (One Way)

  • 40 mpg $14.46
  • 35 mpg $16.52
  • 30 mpg $19.28
  • 25 mpg $23.13
  • 20 mpg $28.92
  • 15 mpg $38.56
  • 10 mpg $57.84

Route map between Phoenix and Lake Havasu City

There are 192.8 miles from Phoenix to Lake Havasu City in northwest direction and 192.8 miles (310.28 kilometers) by car, following the I-10 W route.

Closest Airport to Sedona AZ? There are 3 with Only 2 Options Near Sedona.

June 29,2018

Are You Traveling to Sedona AZ? Here’s The Closest Passenger Airport!

One of the most common questions our Airport Shuttle of Phoenix drivers get asked frequently is what is the closest airport to Sedona? Most people who travel to Sedona prefer flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport purposely because it is not far from Sedona - one taking just about 2 hours by road. The airport boasts as one...

Lake Havasu to Phoenix

June 10,2018

Lake Havasu to Phoenix shuttles include Airport Shuttle of Phoenix and Lake Havasu Shuttle, which are actually the same company. You can call them at (480) 710-3441. The only other option to get to and from Lake Havasu is the Greyhound since Uber and Lyft won't go that far. The ride on the Greyhound takes about 7 hours if you're on a budget. Airport Shuttle of Phoenix is affordable and has...

Payson to Phoenix

June 10,2018

Payson to Phoenix by shuttle is about a one hour and 26 minute drive. Payson, AZ is 90 miles from downtown Phoenix, AZ. There is only one company aside from taxis that go from Phoenix to Payson and that's Airport Shuttle of Phoenix. They also go by Payson Shuttle. Airport Shuttle of Phoenix is a 24/7 door to door shuttle service. They can pick you up and drop you off at any address.

Phoenix to Payson

June 09,2018

Phoenix to Payson Shuttle offers door to door service 24/7. It's always a good idea to book ahead of time so you don't have to wait and it's a lot easier to find a driver if you book it at least the day before. We are the only shuttle company that goes to Payson, AZ. Arizona Shuttle does not go to Payson. Greyhound also does not go to Payson. There are taxis, but they charge about twice as...

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