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Fun Things to Do In An Airport

October 18,2018


How Early Should You Arrive at the Airport?

October 02,2018

While venturing out for a trip, it might be a smart decision to arrive at the airport much before the scheduled departure of your flight. On the contrary, it can get really frustrating to wait patiently at the airport terminal for several hours simply because you have arrived there much before for the actual departure time or maybe because your flight has been delayed because of bad weather...

First Time Flight Experience

September 05,2018

First Time Flight Experience, What to Expect, Before and During the Flight?

First-time flight experience can be really unnerving. This is because you are much aware that your chances of experiencing a plane crash are exceedingly low. However, there is still much anxiety during the first time flight especially if you are not aware of the expectations. The idea of flying alone for the first time...

12. Why Travel to Sedona? It's a Great Place to Ride Your Bike.

August 04,2018


Sedona is bicycle friendly. Lots of people ride bikes on the trails. I don't think you can do that with a motorcycle, but the air is clean and cool, the sun is beautiful, and so is the sky and the red rock formations everywhere. It's a nice place to ride a motorcycle and see a lot. Just don't be on two wheels if there is snow and ice - especially on bridges out of town. Yes,...

11. Why Travel to Sedona? You'll Never Forget Sedona.

August 04,2018


If you're like me, you've probably seen lots of tropic places on vacation. Sedona and the Grand Canyon are very different, and it's those differences that make it a very memorable place to visit. A few years ago me and my wife talked about giving gifts versus experiences to people of all ages. When we discovered is that people forget gifts quickly, but they don't forget...

10. Why Travel to Sedona? It's Free to Hike Everywhere.

August 04,2018


Yes, it's free to hike everywhere. Just don't hike in people's yards. There are lots of great trails. Most of them are relatively easy, and you'll get to take some great pictures. Bring a backpack with cold drinks. None of the hikes are that long to pack sandwiches, but you can if you want. You might want to bring a lunch if you're going to be spending a lot of time at slide...

9. Why Travel to Sedona? It's Romantic and a Great Day Trip.

August 04,2018


Spend a day, a weekend or a week, Sedona is a really nice place to visit. Lots of romantic and beautiful places to get away with your significant other. The key is planning. If you just show up without any idea of where to go or what to do, you can miss a lot. We recommend putting together a list of your top 5 or 10 things to do while you're there. Hopefully our pictures will...

8. Why Travel to Sedona? There is Snow Skiing Nearby in Flagstaff.

August 04,2018


Yes, downhill snow skiing in Arizona. Flagstaff has a place called the snow bowl that's very popular for skiing. They only get snow part of the year, so they make snow to extend the skiing season. Really nice place to spend the day with your family, drink some hot cocoa, and if you're like me go really really fast down the mountain. Ski equipment rentals are reasonably priced...

7. Why Travel to Sedona? You Can Also See Antelope Canyon.

August 04,2018


Antelope Canyon is not as well known as the Grand Canyon or Sedona, but the pictures are unlike any other place on Earth. Seriously, this place is so beautiful it's ridiculous. If you want to visit the Antelope Canyon near Page AZ, we can drive you there. You'll want to book a tour of the lower canyon way ahead of time since you are required to have a Navajo Guide. Preferably...

6. Why Travel to Sedona? The Hotels Are Beautiful.

August 04,2018


The best hotel we know of is L'Auberge de Sedona. It can be a bit pricey. If you're not big money status, the Orchard's Inn is very nice. You can also stay in a fancy airbnb, the Marriot or the Hyatt. Those aren't the only places, but them seem to have very nice accommodations. We included some pictures of the hotels mixed in with the pictures of Sedona.

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